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Gold back pays much attention to the “stimulation of 5 senses” that our customers feel unconsciously through the comfortable atmosphere and through the “oil lymphatic massage” which we invented based on the more than 20-year experience. The oil lymphatic massage improves the lymph and blood flow, and stabilizes the autonomic nervous system balance. As a result, the immunity and natural healing power will increase and will awaken the "healthy beauty" that people originally have. "Beauty" and "health" are inseparable. Healthy people are beautiful people.

We provide the Yakuzen-tea to match the state of the season and that person's body after treatment.
By drinking Yakuzen-tea condensed such as roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit and beans is a natural grace, and works on the healthy beauty from the inside of the body.

Gold Back is a private salon where you can experience relaxation with elements of Estee together with therapeutic elements of acupuncture and Anma Shiatsu massage from our nationally certified massage therapists. We are waiting for you!

Staff | スタッフ紹介

名前/Name:山崎 友也(Yamasaki, Tomoya)


スキル/Skill:あん摩マッサージ指圧師、はり師、きゅう師(Anma Shiatsu Massage, Acupuncture, Moxibustion)

キャリア/Carrier:22年(22 years)

スポーツ/Sports:空手初段(Karate - Black Belt)

好物/Favorite Food:カレー、ラーメン、かつ丼(Curry, Ramen, Katsu-Don)


Recently, I started training towards the triathlon. The trainings made me realize again the importance of taking care of your own body. We believe that prevention of illness is better than battling with it and we are here to help you to make your body strong against illnesses and injuries. There is nothing more important than preventing measures.

名前/Name:青柳 まなみ(Aoyagi, Manami)


スキル/Skill:あん摩マッサージ指圧師(Anma Shiatsu Massage)

キャリア/Carrier:14年(14 years)


好物/Favorite Food:手羽先、トマト、油そば(Chicken wings, tomato, Abura-Soba)


I started to train towards the triathlon too. I will be happy to give you a professional body care and health related advice based on my experience. I will take care not only of your body but also will take care of your face! We look forward to meeting you soon.

名前/Name:久保田 香織(Kubota, Kaori)


スキル/Skill:国際中医薬膳師、国立北京中医薬大学 中医薬膳科卒業
(International Yakuzen Master based on Chinese medicine, Graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine)

キャリア/Carrier:某整形外科クリニック勤務 漢方内科併設
(working for Orthopedic Clinic with Chinese internal medicine)

スポーツ/Sports:スキューバダイビング(Scuba diving)

好物/Favorite Food:コロッケ、ケーキ(Japanese Korokke, Cakes)


I came across Chinese medicine in the opportunity itself of the poor physical condition. Taking advantage of the experience of medicine tea counseling in their own care experience and the hospital, I want to be happy to help you regain the original of your appearance in as many people as possible.

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